...And In Linux Distributions!

Another operating system is the Linux. Its operating systems can support themes depending on the window managers and the desktop environments. For example is the IceWM which uses the themes to customize the taskbar, the window borders, and the time format. The WindowMaker can also store colors that are good for icons, menus, and for the window-borders in a theme.

Themes In Windows OS

Some operating or themed systems that can be used in computing are the Microsoft windows, Linux, and some applications. The Microsoft windows have supported the themes since the successful thrive of the Windows 98. This specific operating system and the Windows ME, its successor, came with the different and amazing themes that can customize the desktop backgrounds, all the icons, the user interface colors, and even the Windows sounds and the mouse cursors.

Why Do You Need Themes?

A theme is used to customize primarily the look and feel of a certain piece of the computer software or of any operating system. In connection with the advanced technology, when we say look and feel, it should not be understood literally.

Window? Yes, Virtual One.

A window, in the modern world, is not typically and literally the window of a house. Today, when we talk about a window it is something that consists of a visual area that contains some graphical user interface of the certain program that it belongs to and is framed perfectly by a window decoration. A window usually is in a rectangular shape that sometimes can overlap the area of the other windows.

What Theme Really Is?

Theme (Computing)
Who says that computing is only for numbers? Some things that are real today might be obsolete tomorrow. There is no permanent in this world but change. The rise of the advanced technology today has brought many changes that some may find unimaginable and surprising. One of these changes is the theme computing.