What Theme Really Is?

Theme (Computing)
Who says that computing is only for numbers? Some things that are real today might be obsolete tomorrow. There is no permanent in this world but change. The rise of the advanced technology today has brought many changes that some may find unimaginable and surprising. One of these changes is the theme computing.

In today’s modern computing, a theme is a major preset package that contains all the graphical appearance details. It usually comprises or contains a set of various shapes and colors which are necessary for the graphical control elements, for the window decoration and the window itself.

A graphical control elements or widgets are a critical element of interaction in a graphical user interface, which include the button or the scroll bar. A control is a kind of software component that a user interacts with when or through a direct manipulation in reading or when editing some information about a certain application. The user interface libraries, like the GTK+ or Cocoa, contain a various collection of widgets and all the logic to render these.
The window decoration is a part of a window mostly in all windowing systems. It typically consists of a title that is usually along the topmost part of each window as well as a minimal border right there around the other 3 sides.